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Venom Connect

VenomConnect is JS-library that simplifies integration with crypto wallets that support Venom Blockchain.

Key features for developers

  • The library encapsulates the integration details under the hood, so you do not need to integrate with wallets of each specific vendor.
  • You do not have to check if your user selects the correct network, the library does this for you.
  • Comes with three pre-built themes and an option to configure your own.
  • Checks your user's OS and suggests an appropriate option from desktop, iOS or Android.
  • Easily configurable via a config file.
  • Detailed documentation.
Browser extension

We are an independent blockchain development company which is committed to making blockchain technology easily accessible to all users through all platforms. We believe in the decentralized future of the Web3 technologies and decided to make our contribution by releasing this library. Please feel free to make your suggestions by opening a GitHub issue.

iOS & Android

If you would like our library to support your wallet please get in touch via [email protected]


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